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LGBTQ+ History Month!

2022 badge as designed by Finn Collett

There are three important things this month:

1) It's LGBTQ+ History Month! (Yay!)

2) It's the first anniversary of Lambeth Links gaining charity registration status! (Go us!)

3) We're again partnering with Lambeth Libraries to provide a series of events for History Month! (Yay again!)

We are proud to be partnering with Lambeth Libraries again for this year's LGBTQ+ History Month. We have organised three distinct events, linking with local Lambethans and friends from further afield! We're inclusive like that :)

Illustration by Rose Wong

First, we will be speaking about the future of trans health and what the needs of our trans family in the provision of health services look like. Our very own Charley Hasted, Trustee of Lambeth Links (They / Them) will be hosting the Q&A session, where they'll be joined with Michelle Ross (She / They), founder of CliniQ and Director of Holistic Wellbeing Services and also Rico Chace (He / Him), Director of Transacutal.

Images courtesy of Stefan Dickers at the Bishopsgate Institute

Next, Clare Truscott (She / Her), Lambeth Links Trustee, has been linking in far and wide (and locally!) to bring together a stellar line-up of folk to talk about EuroPride 92! Clare was was part the London Pride committee in 1990 when the whole EuroPride idea was dreamt up.

In 1992 about a 100,000 LGBTQ people celebrated right here in Brixton. Volunteers of the Pride committee in London decided to invite the whole of Europe to stand absolutely proud with us. Despite the onslaught of state homophobia, HIV/AIDS pandemic, media hostility and public indifference, we marched and we partied. Listen to some of the stories of people who were there.

Speakers so far announced, include:

King Frankie Sinatra aka Karen Fisch, star of the award winning Rebel Dykes film, producer and host of Kings of Clubs at the RVT, was there being absolutely outrageous.

Peter Scott-Presland, playwright, historian and director of Homo Promos Theatre Company. He organised the Cabaret Tent.

Our third event this year focuses on the intersection between those who are LGBTQ+ with disabilities and the wider LGBTQ+ community. We have teamed up with Leonard Cheshire, who are headquartered in Lambeth, and have reached out to their network of Change Makers, a citizen reporting programme for young people aged 16-25 with a disability or additional need. We are equally delighted to be joined by Daniele Lul Co-founder of ParaPride, that works with social venues, public spaces and online platforms to create inclusive events and social opportunities that cater specifically to the needs of all those living with disabilities, mental health and chronic health conditions and impairments. This event is open to all and we encourage you to attend to learn more about the wider LGBTQ+ community we are all part of and the additional discrimination that some face within it.

As a volunteer board led organisation with no full time workers, we're proud of the links that we have made in our short time of being constituted. Please support us and those who are willing to come and share their knowledge and experiences of what it is like to be LGBTQ+ in Lambeth and more widely.

We look forward to meeting you :)

Happy History Month! Xx

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