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This month we're thrilled to be joined by Giles Goddard, Vicar at St John’s Church Waterloo. We discuss the intersections of religion and sexuality, why there is such a gap between the two and what an even more inclusive church look like. In all the excitement of being able to record this episode in person at the new Morley College studios, Lambeth Links Chair and Founder, Chris French, mistakenly calls this episode 5!

24 June 2021

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With Lucy Caldicott & Julia Shelley.

Lesbian visibility week happened recently but we don’t want the conversation to stop there. This episode features two of Lambeth’s leading lesbians, Councillor Lucy Caldicott and Julia Shelley. Listen in to their stories, being out as a lesbian and what that means and about spaces for all.

Lesbian visibility always!

16 May 2021

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This month we’re joined by Dr Lakis Zervoulis from London Metropolitan University, to discuss an exclusive study for Lambeth’s LGBTQ+ Community! The survey has been commissioned by Lambeth Council to identify the needs of our Community, especially within the current challenges posed by Coronavirus and the associated restrictions; develop new understanding of the experiences and needs of Black and Ethnic Minority members of those communities who have been under-represented in previous studies, and; co-design solutions with our research partners to see how the needs of these communities can be addressed within the current financial constraints across the borough. You can access the survey here

30 March 2021



Welcome to our new podcast 'Lambeth Links Listens'. Join us each month as we discuss topics that are close to our community. We’ll be guided by you to tell us what you’d like to hear about and be joined by special guests including local residents and local leaders! In our first episode hear about what we’re up to, our LGBT History Month event series, our aspirations for the future & how you can get involved!

15 February 2021

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