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MindOut is a Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans & Queer Mental Health Service

LGBT Consortium

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Consortium supports LGBT+ Groups and Organisations for Stronger LGBT+ Communities



Mermaids have helped gender-diverse kids, young people and their families since 1995


Mindline Trans+

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Mindline Trans+ is a confidential  emotional, mental health support helpline for people who identify as Transgender, Agender, Gender Fluid and Non-binary



Galop support all LGBT+ people who've experienced hate crime, domestic abuse or sexual violence

Stonewall Housing


Stonewall Housing works to ensure lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans people live in safer homes, free from fear, and where we can celebrate our identity and support each other to achieve our full potential

Opening Doors London


Opening Doors London is the UK's largest charity helping connect LGBTQ+ people over 50 with activities, events, support and information



Outline provides support to people with their sexuality and gender identity, including but not limited to the lesbian, gay, bi-sexual and trans community of surrey, primarily through a helpline, website and support groups

London Friend

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London Friend is dedicated to the health and mental well-being of the LGBT community in and around London and the South East. London Friend is the UK’s oldest LGBT charity

London Friend: Antidote

London Friend_Antidote.jpg

Worried about your drug or alcohol use? We can help, whether you (or someone you know) wants to quit, are thinking of cutting down, or if you would just like some support or advice about playing more safely.

Switchboard LGBT+ Helpline

LGBT helpline.png

We have provided support and information to millions of people since our phone started ringing in 1974. Throughout our history, we have been at the forefront of supporting our communities in facing the issues of the day

56 Dean Street

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56 Dean Street including Dean Street Express; is Europe’s largest multi-award winning Sexual Health and HIV Service based in the heart of Soho, London



A site is for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender soldiers and LGBT people thinking of joining the Army. Activities of the Network include social events, meetings to discuss work issues, marching in various Prides, and interviews with the media.



NAZ is a BAME-led sexual health agency working to address sexual health inequalities in BAME communities. We have 29 years of experience providing culturally specific interventions to BAME communities disproportionately impacted by poor sexual, reproductive and HIV outcomes.

Tonic Housing


Tonic addresses the issues of loneliness and isolation of older LGBT+ people and the need for specific housing and support provision. Tonic focuses on creating vibrant and inclusive urban LGBT+ affirming retirement communities where people can share common experiences, find mutual support and enjoy their later life.

The Outside Project


The Outside Project are LGBTIQ+ colleagues, friends & activists who work in the Homeless sector & have lived experience of homelessness & the unique, complex issues our community face. The Outside Project launched the UK’s first LGBTIQ+ Crisis/Homeless Shelter & Community Centre

The Outside Project
Star Refuge


Star Refuge is a domestic abuse refuge. The Outside Project have opened a domestic abuse refuge for London's LGBTIQ+ community in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. If you ever feel like you need to stay somewhere else for your own safety or wellbeing then you are right.
Don't wait



akt supports lgbtq+ young people aged 16-25 in the uk who are facing or experiencing homelessness or living in a hostile environment. They support young people into safe homes and employment, education or training, in a welcoming and open environment that celebrates lgbtq+ indentities

Lambeth Council
Housing Advice


Housing advice queries.

If you believe you are threatened with homelessness, follow the link and complete the form with as much information as possible and you will be contacted by a Housing Advisor. The more information you provide about your situation, the better.

Shelter Housing


Shelter helps millions of people every year struggling with bad housing or homelessness through their advice, support, and legal services. 

Shelter campaign to make sure that, one day, no one will have to turn to them for help.

Centre 70

Centre 70.jpg

Centre 70 supports adults who are facing social, mental, financial or other personal difficulties through a holistic programme of free and affordable services including: Advice, Counselling and Wellbeing, Training and Advocacy.  They support the local community at our centre in West Norwood, as well as a range of outreach locations in Lambeth and across London

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