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Have Your Say! ICS

In April 2022 a new Integrated Care System, or ICS, will become operational for South East London. You may hear it be referred to as the South East London ICS or, Our Healthier South East London. If you have heard of a ‘CCG’ or ‘Clinical Commissioning Group’ these will be phased out in favour of the new ICS. This is happening across the country.


What is it?

An ICS will be responsible for:

  • Improving outcomes in population health and healthcare

  • Tackling inequalities in outcomes, experience and access

  • Enhancing productivity and value for money

  • Helping the NHS support broader social and economic development

The goal of an ICS is to become more effective in partnership working, including with communities such as ours.


Where is it?

This ICS will span six London boroughs which are: Bexley, Bromley, Greenwich, Lambeth, Lewisham, Southwark.

It will include: King’s College NHS Foundation Trust, Guy’s and St. Thomas’ NHS Foundation Trust, South London and Maudsley NHS Foundation Trust, Lewisham and Greenwich NHS Trust, Oxleas NHS Foundation Trust, Bromley Healthcare.


Why are you telling me?

We want the LGBTQ+ voice and experience to be fed into this new ICS from the very get go.

Lambeth Links has been commissioned to speak the communities in the six boroughs, to get our experiences and needs into this new way of working. It is important that we are heard now and are not purely an afterthought as is so often the case.


The survey can be accessed here: 

Please send on to others who you know are from one of the boroughs mentioned above.


If you or someone you know is unable to complete the form online and is unlikely to be able to attend an in person event, please let us know at with the subject 'Your Say – SEL ICS' and we will try to arrange a more accessible way to make sure we get that feedback too.


We will not simply feedback and then step away. We will hold the ICS to account on our needs but we have to tell them what they are first.

The dates for the in-person sessions will be sent out shortly.


Thank you for being part of this!


For more information on the South East London ICS, follow this link:

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